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Hello! I’m Michelle, a New Zealand-based Travel & Lifestyle Blogger who feeds my passion for travel, adventures and appreciating the simple things in life through captivating words and photographs on this blog.

In this modern day, we are engulfed with varying pressures, such as replying to every message instantly, ticking off certain milestones, climbing the corporate ladder or meeting expectations of our own or others. It’s refreshing to take a step back and focus on what is really important to you and living in the present.

Do you remember the first time you travelled, or experienced something new? It can make you feel like a kid again and bring out your inner child. Your senses light up with new surroundings, languages, flavours and scent. It’s the simple things.

I strive to live like this everyday, even when I’m not globe-trotting. Whether it’s connecting with like-minded individuals, trying a new café, planning my next adventure, or taking the time to chat to the barista serving you.

Onewaytik started off as an online travel diary to share with family and friends when I embarked on my OE to Asia with a one way ticket in 2013 and taught English in a small city in China called Anqing.  This blog has developed into a continuous creative project where I can share honest and inspiring travel and lifestyle stories of my own and of other amazing individuals who share the same dream of living a life they truly desire.

Thanks for stopping by and do reach out if you’d like to share your unique story, or simply want to say hi and connect!

Happy reading
– Michelle xx


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