Huangshan (Yellow Mt)

After three weeks upon arriving in Anqing, our feet were getting itchy and it was time to venture out and see some sights during the Mid Autumn holiday break.

The famous Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) was always on the list of things to see. Huangshan is located in the southern Anhui province (the same province we currently live in). The area is well known for its scenery, pine trees, views of the clouds above, peculiar shaped granite peaks and is one of China’s major tourist destinations.

We got lucky and had clear blue skies all weekend. The mountains and peaks were massive. The views were breathtaking and the air so fresh! (Didn’t think I would be saying this in China). Alan, previously a Geologist, definitely had huge appreciation of the geology. If you visit China, you will notice that Huangshan is a frequent subject of traditional paintings, photography and literature.

One thing that saddened us was the workers who carried tourists up the mountain for a fee on foot. We couldn’t bear to think of the weight they had on their shoulders. But we sure hoped they got paid bloody well! The same goes for the food and snacks available up the mountain; the higher up you go to buy them, the more expensive the price. This is all relative as the poor workers need to transport these goods manually on foot.

After hiking the mighty Huangshan, our legs were sore for days! Nonetheless the scenery was well worth the trip, and a must see. However we would recommend avoiding going during a public holiday if possible, or you will spend a lot of time queuing in lines.



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