Ni hao China

Paris of the East

Paris of the East


With a 4 day weekend approaching, it was time to venture out… Shanghai here we come!  We’ve been told that this booming metropolis is evolving at a pace so unmatched by any other Chinese city.  It’s true, this city is covered with sweeping skyscrapers, modern buildings; and in no time  there will be more high rises popping up as we speak. Shanghai has been referred to as ‘Paris of the East’…. Read more


Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

Huangshan Yellow Mountain


The famous Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) was always on the list of things to see. Huangshan is located in the southern Anhui province (the same province we currently live in). The area is well known for its scenery, pine trees, views of the clouds above, peculiar shaped granite peaks and is one of China’s major tourist destinations….
Read more



BeijingBeijing being renowned for it’s rich culture, history, palaces, temples, gardens, tombs, and of course, the Great Wall; checking out the capital was a must-do whilst in China! We had a great time, and had some very Chinese experiences walking, eating and subwaying our way around the city…. Read more




Ice City, Harbin

Ice City Harbin
Harbin – A Winter Wonderland! Known for its sub arctic climate, and commonly referred to as ‘Ice City’.  Our second destination on the map after Beijing was Harbin, welcoming us with a striking minus 20 degrees! It was a sheer drop brrrrrr! Harbin’s the capital of the province ‘Heilongjiang’ which neighbours Russia, and you can see the influence, mostly in the architecture, street signs (with both Chinese and Russian writing – pretty cool!), and the hearty northern-style food are to DIE for…. Read more



AnqingAnqing is a different world.. There are old men and women doing tai chi in the parks, playing Chinese checkers or cards outside shops with a cigarette hanging outside the side of their mouths. The uneven concrete streets are occupied with many restaurants, alleyways, freshly roasted chestnuts, shops, bake houses, vendors and markets dotted around the place.  At night, the city is lit up with bright lights, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the clusters of KTV (Karaoke) Bars to choose from…. Read more



Dali is split into ‘new Dali’ and ‘old Dali’, we only explored the old part which has a very chilled, folk like and hippy-ish demeanor to the place with people wearing yogi pants, bright colours, dreads and the odd monk passing you by. There are about twenty ethnic minorities living in the region and a few Buddhist sights you can visit including pagodas and temples. You still see the locals wearing traditional outfits as their daily working attire and carrying woven baskets transporting goods. Dali has a distinctive relaxed feel to…. Read more

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