Behind classroom doors

Working and living in China

behind classroom doors-china


I decided to pack my bag and teach English in China because it’s such a different and diverse country to explore, and can’t say I know many people that have been there! Teaching gives me the opportunity to earn and travel; and picking up Mandarin is something I’ve contemplated for a long time, so what better way to do it than be immersed…. Read more



South Korea – Meet Tim!

behind classroom doors-south korea
My friend Tim who’s originally from the good ole country town Pukekohe; has packed his bags for the second time round and is currently teaching university freshman students in Busan, South Korea!…. Read more





Spain – Meet Liz!

behind classroom doors-Spain

Hola!  This is my friend Liz – a Kiwi expat living in Spain with initial intentions to learn Spanish and live off a modest au pair wage. However, she soon realised that she couldn’t live comfortably off it.  Lucky enough, she met a Canadian expat in Madrid who was able to hook her up with a job teaching english to 8 and 9 year old Spanish kids…. Read more




Japan – Meet Narayan!

Behind classroom doors_Japan

Continuing on from my ‘Behind classroom doors’ series… Lets knock on Narayan’s door in Japan! Narayan hails from windy Wellington in New Zealand, but is now living it up in Saitama, Japan teaching the young folk English…. Read more





Japan – Meet Chrissie & Reid!

behind classroom doors_Japan2

Reid and his partner (Chrissie) are well seasoned ESL teachers who have taught in Thailand, and will be going onto their third year teaching in Japan! (must be going alright).  Reid tells us what goes on in his classroom and some useful tips!….
Read more

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