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Meet avid traveller – Katie McAlister

Katie has volunteered in an orphanage in Bolivia for seven months, volunteered at an underprivileged school in India for three months and is now living and working in Chiba (40km from Tokyo, Japan). There aren’t many things Katie won’t give a go. Katie is one of my longest and closest friends who has always inspired me with her courage, positivity

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Cheapflight’s Top NZ Destinations

Cheapflights (  has collated a fantastic list of Top Travel Destinations of New Zealand and abroad for 2015. Fortunately, myself and other awesome Kiwi globe trotters were approached to share their special picks. Since returning from overseas, I gain more appreciation everyday for my home country and excitement to explore more other incredible places around the world. Check out this

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Behind classroom doors

Behind classroom doors… No it’s not that kind of story, it’s a lot less exciting. Sorry. Teaching English overseas appears to be a pretty popular thing to do when looking for that package deal of live/work/travel.  So I’ve decided to add a new section in the blog ‘Behind classroom doors’ and have a chat to some other globe trotters about

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