10 Things to pack for your Summer Roadie

Can’t believe Christmas is only a week away! Another year gone by – wow! Aside from the chaotic shopping malls, I love this festive time of the year. The sun’s out, my bikini comes out of the drawers, the evenings are longer and social calendars start filling up with summer events and barbecues. I’m especially looking forward to simply spending some quality time with family, friends and getting away on some road trips!

If you’re planning to travel over the summer, here’s a quick list of useful things to pack for your next roadie.


1. Bottled water
There’s nothing worse than feeling dehydrated on a long drive. It’s always a good idea to fill up a few bottles of water before hitting the road, or grabbing a couple from the petrol station.

2. Snacks 
Roadies are even better with snacks! A few of my favourites are almonds, corn chips, crackers, fruit, biscuits, chocolate, muesli bars and anything else I can just grab and go.

3. Tunes
Make sure your phone is well charged for the journey and hook-up your favourite Spotify or Pandora music playlist. A few of my fave summer tunes are The Black Seeds, Daft Punk, Kora, Fat Freddy Drops and The Kooks.

4. Car charger
Now that I’ve mentioned music, make sure you pack your car charger so you can keep that music going! Keep a spare in the car so you don’t ever end up with a dead phone and lose both your GPS and form of contact.

5. Anti bacterial wipes
These are a refreshing alternative to bottled sanitiser, and great for killing those germs when you might not be able to wash your hands when out camping.

6. Tissues
If hayever is your worse enemy over summer, pack those tissues! Also handy for spills in the car, and making those awful public toilet or portaloo stops when out hiking.

7. Sunscreen
So crucial when out and about, or in the car driving – that New Zealand sun burns! It’s not a bad idea to keep a spare bottle in the car so you’re never without this summer.

8. Bug spray
Depending where you go, mosquitoes and sand flies can be a huge pain! If you’re out for a bush walk or camping, bug spray will definitely come in handy. The Bushman’s brand is great and you can also get cans with sunscreen incorporated.

9. Togs and Towel
Heading to the beach? Togs and a towel will be pretty useful. You can also use your beach towel as a picnic rug when stopping for lunch.

10. Raincoat
We all like talking about the weather, and also how unpredictable it can be. Perhaps pack a raincoat so you can still head out on mini excursions even if there are showers.

Until next time, Merry Christmas and have a fab holiday! xx