The Journey South

After living in the North Island most of our lives, we really wanted to delve deeper in the South and explore all those beautiful spots you see on New Zealand postcards, do all the great walks and go snowboarding in the weekends with ski fields just at our doorstep. New Zealand is a spec on the globe, yet we’ve only really seen half of it. I remember meeting a Canadian traveller in India who was telling us Kiwis about all these amazing spots in the South Island. She had seen more than us! With new jobs signed and sealed, a possibility quickly turned into a reality. We managed to squeeze our life (well, most of it) in one car load and road-tripped South. Here’s a selection of snaps of our journey.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living” -Gail Sheehy


Kaikoura, Seal Colony Peninsula

Kaikoura Seafood BBQ Cart. This is for all you seafood lovers out there! Fresh and scrumptious.

Kaikoura cart
Within a couple of days arriving to Christchurch, we managed to sneak in some snowboarding at Porters Ski field before all the snow melted away.

Porters Ski Field

View from Porters


And finally, we arrive in Christchurch.

There is still a lot of construction and road works going on since the quake, but I hear there are always new places popping up from time to time. This place is still a bit of a mystery we’re cracking, but we do love how it’s a fantastic gateway to all that South Island offers, cycling around the city and the long sunny evenings!