Now I aint sayin she a gold digger

Ladies, what’s your dream guy?

Tall dark and handsome, intelligent, funny, romantic, understanding, a great dress sense, sensitive, creative, loving, thoughtful, athletic, kind, ambitious, a good listener, quirky, charming, honest, attentive, adventurous, a fireman, a pilot?

Now i’m sure you picked out at least a few from that list, but I left out one crucial point…… RICH.

Wealth and money is a huge deal breaker for women finding the ideal guy in China.  Of course i’m not saying this applies to everybody, as that would be a slight generalisation for 1.3 billion people. But this is definitely a strong mentality here, and about 95% of the locals I have chatted with have told me that a man with money is an important factor, if not the most. No pressure guys.

When meeting for the first time, it is not uncommon for the girl to ask the following questions…

  • Do you own a house? (most important)
  • How much do you earn? (important)
  • Do you own a car? (not too important, but awesome if you do)

Cutting to the chase much.

rich guy2

I don’t necessarily agree with this mind set, but I can understand. Every culture has it’s own values, traditions, customs and things that are considered important/unimportant. With China’s massive population, competition is extremely high.  Money is seen as the answer for stability, the “best” education, a good lifestyle and a better future. Unfortunately the decision isn’t always made by the person themselves; parents also have a huge influence on who they can or cannot be with.

On the flip side, men with a house, money and a high paying job feel they won’t have too much of a problem finding a girl, therefore they can “afford” to be extra picky.  This leaves women feeling pressured to compete with other girls, and find a husband before they get “left behind”.

Tough love.