China Chuckles

China is full of surprises. Frequently I encounter moments here that are amusing, bizarre or so ridiculous that all you can do is laugh. But actually, I’m the one who is weird. I’ve decided to create a new section ‘China Chuckles’ and blog these wonderfully unique experiences.

Here is just a few moments I’ve managed to capture so far.


Plumbers, electricians, builders… Just like a telephone book, except on your wall! This is the entrance to our apartment



It was great to see non-recyclable and recyclable bins. However, I shortly realise the rubbish all goes into the ONE same bin! *Sigh* Oh China, you continue to amuse me.


Who says you need a badminton court, the road will do.


No safety harness while working on this construction site, but she’ll be right *hesitantly*


This place is full of dancing ladies at night. Kind of neat πŸ™‚


While running on the treadmill at the gym, I get a whiff of this guys’ cigarette (and this wouldn’t be the first time). Smoking in the gym seems to be completely normal here! Way to go for promoting health and fitness.


Anyone up for bulls genitals?
No thank you


We ask for some cutlery for our apartment and I love how we get exactly one knife and fork each and a million chopsticks πŸ˜‰


Bamboo sticks and poles make perfect clothes hangers outside the apartment windows – it’s all about space saving!


Shot put

Shot put (Chinese style)

Shot put (Chinese style)