Paris of the East

With a 4 day weekend approaching, it was time to venture out… Shanghai here we come!

We’ve been told that this booming metropolis is evolving at a pace so unmatched by any other Chinese city.  It’s true, this city is covered with sweeping skyscrapers, modern buildings; and no doubt there’s more high rises popping up as we speak.

Shanghai is very modern, quite the opposite to the city we’re currently living in (Anqing).  Shanghai is paved with many great and diverse range of food places, cafes, glistening department stores inviting the stylish elite, bars, and fashionistas strutting the streets.

It felt like we could have been anywhere in the world.

One comment

  • My team at work is based in Shanghai, and always set me great pictures of the city. It is surprising I never been to China given I was born in South Korea and lived in Asia for whole my life……